Innovative CoolZorb 400 Product Featured in EE Times

April 2, 2015, 8:00 pm

Laird engineers created a dual-function material which helps protect sensitive electronics while enabling more compact designs. The product is impressing engineers in the media who are writing about it in well-respected publications like the E.E. Times.

Today as designers fight to fit more functionality into each circuit board, signal integrity is becoming more important than ever before. At the same time as devices become ever thinner, smaller, and more compact, space on circuit boards is difficult to come by.

The new CoolZorb 400 provides designers with much needed flexibility by improving signal integrity and temperature stability all from a single solution. As the article says, "The silicone-based material can simultaneously protect electronics from both EMI and heat." This innovative product can increase the speed of the design cycle, simplify manufacturing processes and create material cost savings.

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