Lairdís New AA-480 Grabs Media Attention As It Improves Reliability of Cellular Coverage

May 26, 2015, 8:00 pm

Lairdís new Air to Air  AA-480 outdoor cooler protects telecommunication battery cabinets and outdoor kiosks from temperature variations, ensuring maximum uptime and reducing maintenance costs.

Power Systems Design, a global publication focused on the latest innovations and design news, recently published an article about this innovative new product which states, "Lairdís new AA-480 Series Outdoor Coolers protect (these) critical batteries by providing greater cooling power and increased reliability compared to other units currently on the market. And the AA-480 accomplishes this using less energy and taking up less space compared to similar units."

"Long life operation is required in wireless base station applications to maximize uptime and maintain low cost of ownership," says Anders Kottenauer, Senior Vice President of Laird's Engineered Thermal Systems Business who is quoted in the article. There he adds, "This product has a COP of 1, which is unheard of in our industry. That means it will run longer with less power consumption than previously designed thermoelectric based cooling units."

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