Laird Performance Materials at Productronica China 2020 (Shanghai): A Brilliant Appearance and full line of products covering four broad application areas

July 13, 2020, 8:23 am

Some products provide support and protection for 5G base stations to meet increasing demand for high-performance solutions serving future communication market

Shanghai, China, July 3, 2020: The annual grand event for the electronics industry in Asia, Productronica China, opened with a bang at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) Shanghai. Laird Performance Materials, a leading global manufacturer whose products both enable and protect high-performance electronics, participated in Productronica China 2020 by bringing its cutting-edge solutions serving four major fields of applications including telecommunications, automobiles, data communications and consumer electronics.

As a leading electronic products and applications enterprise, Laird has always been committed to helping customers of every size to innovate and improve the performance of their products. It has already successfully cooperated with many multinational electronic device and system manufacturers by providing them with advanced products and solutions. At its exhibition, themed "Enriching and Enabling the Richness of Your Living", Laird highlighted its TIM (thermal interface materials), innovative automation solutions and multifunctinterface materials), innovative automation solutions and multifunctional product line.

"China has always been one of the most important markets for Laird," says Dr. John Zhang, CEO. "At present, the government is introducing a series of policies to promote the development of new infrastructure and press the fast-forward button on 5G and semiconductor industry construction. This makes clear that telecommunication and network equipment sectors have great potential for future growth."

He added: "As the Chinese market continues to develop, grow and mature, we believe the support and protection provided by Laird can and will meet the growing demand for high-performance products throughout China."

Laird's TIMs have the characteristics of high-performance and high cost-effectiveness. Laird designs and manufactures thermally conductive products to rid components of excessive heat.

They include thermally conductive pads, phase change materials, thermally conductive silicone grease and thermally conductive insulation materials. Laird aims to provide the widest range of products to meet different design challenges. With 5G applications, Laird has been deeply engaged for years. The recently introduced HD90000 gap filler is a thermal interface material designed for communication equipment base stations. It not only has high thermal conductivity (7.5W/mK), but also features super softness, low volatility, and low permeability. HD90000 is the only high thermal conductivity product on the market that complies with numerous performance requirements. Furthermore, Laird's thermally conductive phase change materials overcome various design obstacles. It can fill small gaps at higher operating temperatures.

Thermally conductive silicone grease can compensate for surface irregularities. Laird-developed TIM automation solutions can automatically apply all forms of thermal interface materialsinterface materials.

For certain special application scenarios characterized by high frequency and space limitations but also facing high thermal loads, Laird provides a series of composite functional materials and customized system integration solutions. One is the Coolzorb series with thermal conductivity and electromagnetic interference (EMI) mitigation properties. The graphite-over-foam series features outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity properties. The Radome5 series of absorbers is an injection-molded radome with low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss and is suitable for 5G-MIMO antenna areas. An injection-molded automotive radar radome (Radar Radome) simultaneously suppresses side-lobe interference and enhances radar transmission efficiency. Injection-molded wave-absorbing materials, currently under development, are designed for differential crosstalk suppression of connectors for high-speed and high-density applications.

In addition to the above-mentioned products, Laird had the opportunity during Productronica 2020 China to display a full range of products in all four applications highlighted during the event. Some products included EMI shielding materials (including ECE (conductive rubber/non-conductive rubber), Form-in-Place (on-site  automatic dispensing), Fabric-over-Foam (conductive fabric over foam, conductive fabric), magnetic ceramic components and materials (including magnetic beads, magnetic rings, power inductors, and wireless chargers), as well as RF-microwave absorber materials and other leading offerings.

During the exhibition, Laird experts interacted with current and additional potential customers to give them a more in-depth understanding of how to accurately and successfully use Laird's high-performance materials and next-generation solutions to achieve greater success and faster time to market.

About Laird Performance Materials

Laird Performance Materials, a portfolio company of Advent International, enables high-performance electronics. We create advanced protection solutions for electronic components and systems. World-leading technology brands rely on us for improved protection, higher performance and reliability, custom structural designs and faster time-to-market. We solve design issues through innovative products such as EMI suppression or absorption materials, thermal interface materials, structural and precision metals, magnetic ceramic products and multi-functional solutions. This latter product family solves multiple EMI, thermal and structural design issues simultaneously using a single prointerface materials, structural and precision metals, magnetic ceramic products and multi-functional solutions. This latter product family solves multiple EMI, thermal and structural design issues simultaneously using a single process design. Visit