Heat and EMI Mitigation in Telecom & 5G: Dense Design Challenges

July 22, 2020, 11:21 am

Don't miss our all-industry webinar on Thursday, July 23, when Staff Scientist Paul Dixon examines today's trends including higher data rates and increased functionality, how they lead to "dense" designs and why such designs often result in increased thermal and EMI issues. The occasionally problematic coexistence of thermal and EMI solutions can lead to conflicts: sometimes a solution to an EMI problem exacerbates a thermal problem and vice versa.
Laird Performance Materials has developed unique, increasingly important hybrid solutions addressing both thermal and EMI concerns. Paul will explore the many challenges. Highly competitive Laird solutions simultaneously solve EMI/thermal issues in a single part or combination of parts. Still, a good multifunctional design first requires accurate technical analysis. Paul will discuss:

         Material characterization

         Electromagnetic modeling

         Thermal modeling

Moreover, a constant and overriding obstacle is shorter design cycles. Success often requires computer modeling in order to quickly evaluate and modify unique designs. Paul will provide details on dual EMI/thermal issues, solutions and materials in which Laird computer modeling proves invaluable.
Join us via Microsoft Live Event at 10:00 Central Time (US) on Thursday, July 23!